Relationships are not heteronormative. Nor can they be defined by the binary of mixed-sex or same-sex.

Affinity is a documentary photography project that hopes to illustrate that bisexuality can, and does exist, in straight-appearing relationships. I will achieve this by creating a gallery of portrait photographs that form a body of work to encourage dialogue outside of the bisexual community.

By highlighting that we do exist we can confront the bi-negative myths about promiscuity and indecisiveness that face bi people.

This in turn will reduce the misrecognition that we face and make society more welcoming, especially for those who are not already vocal about their sexuality.

How can you be part of it?

I need people, based in the UK, in relationships that, from the outside, appear straight and heteronormative. If at least one person in your relationship is bi then I would like to photograph you and your partner in a space that you feel is private; a space where you feel comfortable speaking openly about your sexuality. This is most likely a living space in your home but could be outdoors. The location is entirely up to you.

That is a big ask. I encourage you to consider the positive effect that you will have on those who do not feel ready to come out. Your identity can be as anonymous as you like, and in some respects, by making yourself unrecognisable will reflect the lack of openness that we face.

Your photograph will be published in a safe and respectable setting, appropriate to the cause we are fighting for. That means, I endeavour to display this body of work online and for it to get recognised by LGBTQIA+ organisations, charities and forums that aim to increase awareness and visibility for the queer community.

Every couple who participates will receive a professionally printed limited edition copy of their portrait. As this is a self-funded passion project, I do not have the budget to pay you for your time, yet hopefully you appreciate the merits of the project and what is at stake. Together, we have the potential to make a difference.

Drop me an email at, or
text/WhatsApp/message me on 07913 951483 to get in touch – even if it’s just for a chat.